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The Croquet Club at PGA National

Unsurpassed for its sophistication, croquet continues to add PGA National's array of challenges.. on a championship level...for sports enthusiasts.

PGA National is pleased to be the Home of the United States Croquet Association. Croquet is a sport whose style and grace is finding its way into the American leisure activity. Growing in popularity among all age groups, croquet has become the center of a colorful social scene as well as skilled competition.

Encompassing five beautifully manicured lawns, the PGA National Croquet Club is the largest croquet complex in the western hemisphere. Membership opportunities include instructional classes, team and competition activities, plus league events with other Croquet Clubs and the exciting member-guest Croquet-AThon.

Special USCA clinics are available throughout the year in addition to private lessons and member clinics. Celebrities, croquet professionals and members are often sighted practicing on the next greensward. Gala white linen and champagne Sunday brunches highlight special events and socials.

The USCA National Club Team Championship and the United States vs. Great Britain International Challenge Cup are among the major national and international croquet tournaments regularly hosted at PGA National.

The Croquet Club...with its courts, professionals and festive championship events...offers residents an unparalleled opportunity to participate in and meet the challenges of this most delightful and dynamic sport.


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